The Difference Between Entry Level DSLR vs Semi Pro DSLR

entry level dslr vs semi-pro DSLR

Digital Single Lens Reflex or DSLR camera has revolutionized photography thanks to the quality of photos they can take. Due to the large image sensor they come with, DSLR helps photographers take top notch quality photos even in places with low light. The quality of the photos they take is so clear that you will be
forgiven to think it is real. Thanks to fast advancing technology, today we have DSLR camera which comes with WiFi and Bluetooth so that you can quickly share the photos you have taken. If you are new to photography you are probably wondering what is the difference between entry level DSLR vs semi-pro DSLR. There are so many DSLRs in the market today that it can be difficult to differentiate one from the other.

The Main differences between  Entry Level DSLR VS Semi-pro DSLR

  • The material used to build
  • autofocus
  • Weather sealing
  • The ergonomic
  • Viewfinders
  • imaging sensor

First of all, it is important to note that DSLR cameras vary in terms of features and prices. Entry Level DSLR usually comes with a low cost which makes it affordable for new photographers under budget.

The Complexity

With an entry level DSLR, you will still get a camera with a large sensor and fast autofocus, which differentiates DSLR cameras from other ordinary cameras. However, the difference between entry level DSLR vs semi pro DSLR comes is the ease of use that is associated with entry level DSLR. Unlike a semi pro DSLR which may have a more complex user interface intended for experienced photographers, entry level DSLR has an easy to use user interface that is automated. This makes entry level DSLR a good choice for people who are new to photography. It is important to note that entry level DSLR and semi pro DSLR may have the same features. For example, you may have smaller camera companies like Sony having high
and features in their entry level DSLR camera, which can be found in a Nikon semi pro DSLR. Nikon is a more established company compared to Sony. Therefore, Sony will try to compete with Nikon by introducing high-end features in their entry level cameras so that they can attract customers.

Even though entry level cameras have good features which can be found in superior versions like a semi pro DSLR, performance is usually limited in the entry level DSLR compared to a semi pro DSLR camera.

The Material used to build

Another difference between entry level DSLR vs semi pro DSLR is the built quality. While entry level DSLR camera has a plastic design, semi pro DSLR cameras come with a magnesium design.


There is also a difference between entry level DSLR vs semi pro DSLR in terms of autofocus. When you look at Nikon D3200 which is an entry level DSLR camera, it has a weak autofocus with one cross type point from 11 focus points. However, Nikon D5200 which is a semi pro DSLR camera has nine cross type points from 36 focus points. Having a higher autofocus means that the DSLR camera can focus faster in a low light and larger environments.

Weather sealing

Entry level DSLR cameras have lower number of weather sealing compared to a semi pro DSLR. However, in some models entry level DSLR have no weather sealing. Weather sealing is the camera protection which helps you to use the DSLR to take pictures even when there is a heavy downpour. With entry level DSLR cameras, they come with an easy to use controls which don’t require much training to use. However, semi pro DSLR has advanced buttons which are suitable for more experienced photographers. Semi pro DSLR cameras also have a body that is slightly larger compared to entry level DSLR. Therefore, with a semi pro DSLR, their big size makes it easy to hold with better grip compared to entry level DSLR cameras.

The ergonomic

Semi pro DSLR cameras also have a body that is slightly larger compared to entry level DSLR. Therefore, their big size makes it easy to hold with better grip compared to entry level DSLRs.


In case you have used the entry level DSLR and semi pro DSLR you may have noticed there is a difference in the viewfinders. For starters, the viewfinder is a feature which helps you to clearly and accurately depict a picture you are about to take with a DSLR camera. You can make it larger and clearer using the viewfinder. Advanced cameras like a semi pro DSLRs come with intelligent viewfinders which enable photographers to
adjust the setting and find more information. However, entry level DSLRs do not have a large viewfinder compared to a more advanced DSLR camera. If you like adjusting the setting of your DSLR camera then you will enjoy using a semi pro DSLR over the entry level DSLRs camera.

imaging sensor.

More advanced cameras like semi pro DSLR use either full frame or APS-C imaging sensor. However, entry level DSLR cameras can only use APS-C imaging sensor. When you use a semi pro DSLR camera, you are guaranteed to have a top notch quality imaging sensor. Therefore, when you use a semi pro DSLR camera you can get finer image thanks to the high resolution.


Even though there are differences between entry level DSLR vs semi pro DSLRs. they are both great in their own way. You can choose to buy either of them depending on your budget and preference. However, if you are looking for a DSLR camera which comes with advanced features like WiFi, then it is worth investing in a more advanced DSLR camera.


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