Refurbished Canon 80D Official Deal and Review

Canon 80D refurbished


A clear winning successor to the 70D, the Canon 80D is a must have for any photography enthusiast. Armed with a 24-megapixel sensor and a dual pixel PDAF, there’s nothing this camera can’t do. Having said that, this beauty comes at a steep price – a whopping $1,250! Needless to say, not every has a pocket that is deep enough to fit the bill.


The Canon 80D Refurbished Deal

A quick look at Canon’s official site unearths a great deal. Refurbished Canon 80Ds are selling at a stunning price of $1019. That’s savings worth almost $230. If you’re a first-time buyer who is in a dilemma regarding the purchase of refurbished products from Canon, let us break down the truth as it is for you.

Canon has employed quality engineers to spend time troubleshooting all products that have been chosen to be restocked as refurbished cameras. So there’s no doubt that everything you’re going to buy has been quality checked and worked on for optimal functionality. A simple research on the web should confirm the same – the number of positive reviews and experiences simply outweigh the negative ones. In fact, many of the negative reviews that you encounter are about getting something fixed within the stipulated time.


What Do I Get When I Buy a Refurbished Canon 80D?

When you buy a refurbished camera, you get all the goodies that you would normally get when you’d buy a new camera. The camera gets delivered to you in a great box, with great packaging, most cameras look brand new with a great polish on them, and the accessories are usually in pristine condition. Along with all this, you’ll also get a 90-day warranty. There will also be extra guarantees on individual components. Overall, you can expect a great experience for the price that you’re paying. If at all something goes wrong with your camera within the stipulated warry time, it’s a well-known fact that dealing with Canon customer care executives is way easier than dealing with third-party dealers. So you are on safe grounds.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Canon 80D Refurbished Camera


Let’s look at some advantages:


  • Most refurbished models perform exactly as good as brand new cameras. In our tests, the focus with PDAF was perfect, the zooming capabilities weren’t lost and the shots came out just right.


  • Even in burst modes, most shots came out great – a few of them blurry. We did hook up the 80D on a tripod to see if things change, and they did. We were treated to a much cleaner and sharper shots this time around, and the low light results were satisfactory as well.


  • Back in our production studio, we used Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to tweak some grainy images and add filters. The overall result was a professional looking, quality collection of photographs that any publication or social media outlet could use. We were not disappointed one bit.
Here is a minor disadvantage:
  • You might occasionally run into a few niggles here and there, such as the file write the problem that we encountered. But that was immediately solved as soon as we changed the memory cards – probably something off with the default SD card.


Where to Buy a Canon 80D Refurbished

Many of original manufacturers and resellers do offer great refurbished deals, but most of us aren’t yet comfortable with the prices yet. This is where e-commerce websites such as Amazon come to your rescue. There are other added benefits too. For instance, Amazon guarantees authenticity. This means that nobody can tamper with individual parts (replace the camera lens with a cheaper variant, for example), and then sell them online. To combat such practices, Amazon even warrants all parts individually. Before the time of purchase, you can even review the repair work that has been done on your product.


The verdict on the Refurbished Canon EOS 80D

If you’re thinking that refurbished deals were a bad idea, do away with those ideas right away. We managed to save $230, and have some great fun with the Canon 80D at the same time. Now if for you, $230 is not savings, in that case, don’t hesitate to get yourself a brand new model. Afterall brand new is always a better option. There’s no doubt that refurbished deals are a godsend to those who are on a budget and are also looking to elevate themselves to a professional status with some classy equipment.


Canon 80D refurbished

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All in all, refurbished deals are a great way to get your hands on expensive, high-end cameras without burning a bigger hole in your pocket. The refurbished Canon 80D does come with a brand new package and doesn’t fail to look and work like a brand new model. Also, if you really look at this and think “the savings aren’t that big and I want that camera, plus extra gear”, we suggest you take a look at our 80D bundle article. It gives you good information of about the best Canon 80D bundles out in the market.


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