Three good reasons to upgrade your photography

“Buy a professional camera, and you are a professional cameraman, buying a flute, however, makes you just a flute owner,” is a brilliant joke that goes around in the photography industry. Gone are the times when a low resolution and blurry image would go unnoticed and in most cases, get praise. With people realizing the significance of photos, more and more people are moving from phone camera’s photos and getting DSLR and mirrorless cameras as they wait for phones to catch up. Higher quality images have turned to be the ultimate objective of taking photos and have forced developers to work tirelessly to give beautiful people better products to capture their epic moments.
We will give you good reasons to upgrade your photography. But before we let you in on the secret, let’s share some other juice.

Why the fuss on DSLR and mirrorless cameras?

Digital Single-lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras are types of digital cameras that combine the mechanisms of single-lens reflex with single lens reflex camera. Despite improvements in phone camera quality, the cold hard truth is that DSLR cameras have some distinct advantages over camera phones and other ordinary cameras. Generally speaking, DSLR cameras excel in taking high-resolution images in low light and have more extensive photographic views. With regular phones, it is common to find that, of twenty pictures taken, only a few are okay looking, and the rest are trash. DSLR cameras eliminate guesswork from photography, and you can rest assured that every shot taken comes out perfect as intended.
Well, imagine the endless possibilities of using a DSLR and mirrorless cameras over conventional cameras. Unique pictures that stand out from the maze? Details and clarity of color? Now, let’s imagine the many thousand words’ of our social spheres that can be told in a SINGLE clear DSLR camera shot…
Okay, enough, let’s get to it…

Social experiments conducted have brought to light the importance people attach to taking good photos.

Here are three good reasons to upgrade your photography:

1. Improves Dating life

A good photo for anyone looking to date is like a sword in the hands of a ninja. Whenever someone new introduces themselves to you over the phone or on various dating sites, the most common response of our time will be to view their photo first, and that determines how the rest of the interaction will go. When a new person is looking at your picture not only are they looking at the face and physical attributes but also what that picture has to say about you.

People can gather a lot from your picture. One quick look at that photo and you can be sure that their mind is made up on whether to give you a chance or not. Sucks, right? A good, high-quality photo will grab the viewers’ attention. It will paint a conclusive picture to the viewer about whom the person they see is, and will even try to portray some character. On a second look, the viewer can also tell the emotion of the photo and tell whether it is happy, sad, honest or fake. A good photo will have the significant difference of staying at home alone on a Friday night or being out on a date.

2. Boosts Professional life

Different methods are used to search for jobs and boost careers. Social networking sites like LinkedIn are some professional sites you may use. If you think that photos posted on these sites do not influence the outcome of your career, think again. You might do everything right, have a killer resume, have credible referees be well endowed with knowledge in your field, but lose the job because of the odd looking profile picture you took during the vacation with a low-resolution camera.

Job candidates with incredible looking photos were rated best according to a study conducted by two psychology professors. In the test conducted, the less attractive the photo seemed, the lower the ratings got. People with no picture, however, seemed like they had something to hide.

3. Improves and maintains Social status

Finding special clubs created for status is common. In such groups, people will take incredible photos of themselves doing what they love and post them for other enthusiasts to enjoy. Social status is perhaps one of the most important aspects of life. The difference between posting a low resolution and a high-resolution image is huge. Once a person looks at your high-resolution image, they will be looking to invite you to social gatherings for all sorts of fun. A low resolution, however, gives off a vibe as being boring.

Well taken photographs, without a doubt, get the highest number of likes making a person feel appreciated by the peer.

To conclude, High-resolution photographs have undoubtedly been dominating the social media and most of our online presence. They deliver a message! When well utilized, they would unlock numerous opportunities and add so much value and perception to what would be a seemingly dull online life. Whether it’s a potential employer, someone you like or just colleagues, they are on the lookout for that HD photo. Get high-quality photos and watch them keep your life vibrant and exciting.


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