Best Sony A6000 Bundle deals

sony a6000 bundles

You don’t have to search anymore because the Sony A6000 bundle deals are here. The Sony A6000 allows you to take amazing photos and at the same time help you enjoy and learn photography. We can assure you that once you get your hands on this camera you would never want to change.

Today in this article we will share with you the features and price of the most amazing digital camera introduced in the market which has even better accessories.

We have are listing down for you, the amazing features of the two  Sony A6000 Bundles word checking out along with their detailed review.

Sony A6000 bundles (lowest to highest price):

Sony A6000 Bundle 1 – Check the price

Sony A6000 Bundle 2 – Check the price

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Sony A6000 Bundle 1

The Sony A6000 Bundle 1 is just amazing if you are looking for a mirror less camera that has all the latest technology and is very compact to carry. The cost of the camera, just for the body is $548 and the accessories can be bought along. The cost is affordable for a mirror less camera. Amazing features that you would get to experience are:

Sony A6000 bundle deals

  • Hybrid Auto Focus System
  • 24 Megapixel along with APS-C CMOS
  • Built in WIFI and NFC
  • Includes USA Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • See everything included here

These qualities make the A6000 Bundle 1 the perfect camera for high-end photography. Affordable cost and the good looks are just to die for. The A6000 Bundle 1 comes with a 16-50mm lens which is ideal for street, travel and basic photography.

Sony A6000 Bundle 2

The A6000 Bundle 2 is another amazing camera in the A6000 bundle mirror less camera range. The camera is ideal for photography. The cost for the camera body is $548. These come with two amazing interchangeable zoom lenses. List of features that would blow your mind are,

Sony A6000 Bundle Deals

  • 24.3 Megapixel
  • Polarized remote for camera shutter
  • Bags for Camera
  • 1-Yr Warranty
  • See everything included here

There are many high-quality accessories that come along with the A6000 Bundle 2. These are amazing if you want to enhance the quality of your photo shoot or recording. There are many filters which are also available in this deal. These would help the person give many different types of effects to their images or the recordings that they make. The 16-50mm and 55-250mm zoom lenses make photography fun.

Reviewing the Bundle Deals

The most important aspect to consider while buying a camera is the cost of the camera. This is one of the best things about the Sony A6000 Bundles is the affordable cost price of the camera, which makes it even more famous amongst the other mirrorless cameras available in the market. So coming back to the point, the price of Sony A6000, body only will cost you about $548. Who can imagine getting all these amazing features for this affordable price?

The camera comes with interchangeable lenses, which are of amazing quality. These are perfect for professional photography and the people just love it. The costs of the lenses that are compatible with A6000 are $175 for a 16-50mm power zoom lens and the cost for other lenses that can be used are a 55-250mm zoom lens, which costs $200+.

Reviewing the Products

Bundle 1 Review

16-50mm lens – A versatile lens that is the best option to choose when wanting a lens for travel, landscapes, and portraits shots. These zoom lenses are good for professional photography with a focal length of f/2.8.

24 Megapixel along with APS-C CMOS – Your camera will have a 24MP sensor which is one of the best features available in the camera. And the APS-C-CMOS is one of the best sensors that are available in the market.

WIFI and NFC- Built in WIFI and NFC- Near Field Communication This allows the photographer to send photos and videos to other devices using the internet.

OLED Electronic Viewfinder Electronic viewfinder for viewing the images electronically in the viewfinder.

Bundle 2 Review

16-50mm lens:  This mid-range zoom lens gives its users a smooth experience when trying their hands with clicking pictures. The 16-50mm lens is the versatile lens that is the best option to choose when wanting a lens for travel, landscapes, and portraits shots. The compact light weight of the lens is the added advantage that makes it easy to carry the lens along with you.

55-210mm lens: This light-weight lens easily gets attached to the camera and is the best pick for the people at the entry-level. The auto focus feature of this lens along with image stabilization makes it easier for the beginners to get the right shot even when they are moving. The lens also offers different focal lengths for different purposes which mean that you can every time get the right click for the right purpose. The lens is light and inexpensive that can solve most of your general needs for clicking.

Tripod – This is another great deal that comes along with the A6000 Bundle 2 because when a photographer wants to experiment more with their camera, they have to step back due to lack of equipment. But with this bundle deals, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

SDHC/SDXC, Class 10 UHS-1 R40 Memory Card – Secure Digital High-Quality memory stick for recording videos and images up to 32GB.It comes with a memory card reader which is compatible with all the electronic devices, so you can transfer your data anytime you wish to.

InfoLithium H Series NP-FW50 Camera batteries for DSCHX1 – Camera live on the batteries and with these batteries, you don’t have to worry about the battery life of the camera ever. These would keep the camera working for many hours. The camera comes with a rapid battery charger.

Jump Start Training Guide -If you have recently bought this camera, then you can easily follow the training guide and learn to run the camera quickly. There are easy steps and instructions for operating the camera like a pro.

The Verdict

If you are someone who is a beginner or professional photographer, this is the ideal camera for you. Of course, if you want more versatility, you should get bundle number 2. The 2 bundle deals in this article are some of the best deals that you can find in the market. If your priority is to get an excellent camera along with many accessories  It comes packed with amazing technology, features and all the supporting equipment for the perfect photos.

The A6000 has come as an ideal option for people looking to buy a camera from the mirror less camera range. If you are really looking forward to an amazing world of photography then this is the product for you.


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